College re-opening welcome

Tuesday January 5 2016

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The re-opening of the Garissa University College is a bold decision given the circumstances under which the Moi University campus was closed — after one of the worst terrorist attacks in Kenya.

That the police have set up a fully-fledged camp in the campus is reassurance that steps are being taken to secure the college against future attacks.

However, this is only part of the solution.

There is a need to educate the neighbouring community on the prevention of terrorism so that in future, Garissa county — indeed all areas prone to terrorist attacks — can be better secured through intelligence sharing with the police.

Before its closure, the college was the lifeline of many businesses in Garissa town.

The decision to re-open it, therefore, promises better economic fortunes for the residents engaged in businesses such as transport, retail, and accommodation.

All area residents are stakeholders and the reopening of the college will have a far-reaching impact on the neighbouring community.

For a long time, counties in northern Kenya have been left behind in development initiatives.

The initial decision to open a campus there and populate it with students from all over Kenya was a key policy step in national integration and mainstreaming of hitherto marginalised regions.

This gain must be guarded jealously now that the campus has re-opened.