Curb spread of cholera

Monday March 28 2016

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The fact that 135 people have died from cholera since June last year is an alarming signal about the state of the sanitation of our environment and the capacity of the counties to treat and manage an otherwise curable disease.

According to the Ministry of Health, 12 counties have reported cholera outbreaks, raising questions about the level of hygiene in these regions and the capacity of devolved governments to police public eating places and food handlers and to guarantee public health and safety.

There is a need for more focused campaigns to contain the spread of the disease and to provide timely interventions, including medication and monitoring of food distribution chains as a preventive measure.

The relevant agencies should also conduct a study to establish the cause of the sudden increase in cholera cases with a view to addressing the problem at the source.

In the medium term, counties must come up with working strategies to dispose of waste and ensure that water and food are not contaminated.

This will mean putting the governments to task to improve sanitation and to carry out education campaigns in the affected areas to equip the public with knowledge about how to prevent the spread of the disease.