Give peace a chance

Tuesday July 29 2014

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At more than 1,000 casualties and counting, the death toll in the fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is becoming a matter of grave concern for the world community.

Efforts by the United Nations and the United States to broker a truce between these perennial enemies have borne no fruit.

Although this is in no way an attempt to apportion blame, it is clear that the force used by the Israelis against Hamas is overwhelming. And it is also clear that the Palestinians will never give up fighting for what they regard as their rights.

What is happening in the Middle East is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions, and unfortunately for Israel, it is fast losing the propaganda war.

It is sad that both the UN and the US have resorted to pleading with Israel to observe an “immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza”, at least during the Idd-ul-Fitr celebrations.

Common sense should indicate that a two-state solution would once and for all settle the Palestinian question, but the hardliners in both Israel and Gaza will not see it that way.

Isn’t it time everyone in the region realised that blood and gore will never solve any problem?