It’s time to market Kenya

Wednesday January 6 2016

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Kenya has been ranked among the top 10 places worth visiting this year and the Ministry of Tourism should capitalise on this to market the country as a leading destination.

Coming against the background of reports that there could soon be direct flights between Kenya and the US, the news of Kenya’s ranking are a boost to the struggling tourism sector.

It should serve as a springboard, first to woo back traditional visitors who want to visit the Coast or go on safari and secondly to attract new travellers interested in other forms of tourism such as culture, sports, and conferencing.

The ministry should also consider other modern attractions that have worked in other parts of the world such as guided city tours and modern amenities including entertainment and festivals.

This way, the product offering will be diversified and improved.

Besides diversifying the offerings, there is also a need to improve security and infrastructure to open up more regions to visitors.

For instance, though Turkana has huge tourism potential, getting there is a nightmare on account of the bad roads.

Even in Mombasa, getting to the airport can be a challenge due to poor infrastructure and heavy traffic.

These are some of the challenges that Kenya should address to improve its competitive edge.