It’s an election to watch

Thursday December 6 2012

Ghanaians on Friday go for presidential and parliamentary elections that bear close watch.

It is an election that Kenya, headed for its own pivotal General Election in just three months, might need to learn some lessons from.

Ghana and Kenya might be on opposite ends of Africa, but they share a lot in common. They have long stood out within their respective regions as stable, moderate democracies.

Ghana, at one time, lurched into military rule, but with time, it came back to civilian rule and has established itself as a model of democracy.

Kenya, by contrast, has always been a democracy that has never experienced military dictatorship.

The irony is that while Ghana now marches forward, Kenya sometimes seems determined to regress into anarchy as witnessed during the aftermath of the disputed 2007 elections.

Ghana had a similarly close contest in 2008, but the result was respected and peace and stability maintained.

We wish well President John Dramani Mahama and his main challenger, Nana Akufo-Addo. May the best man win; and may the poll set an example for Kenya.