Kudos for job well done

Monday July 17 2017

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The success of the just-ended Nairobi World Under-18 Championships will remain the talking point for quite some time.

Kenya has once again proved that besides producing world-beating athletes, the country is also capable and ready to host more of such international events.

There might have been a few slight hiccups, which are not unusual in such major championships, but the organisers have done a pretty good job, hosting 801 young athletes from 131 countries.

The fourth overall position with 15 medals, three gold, seven silver and four bronze, may be a little disappointing for hosts, but it does take away the shine from the good organisational skills.


As the government and the local organising committee take stock and review the success to see where exactly they could have fallen short, key lessons have been learnt.

The importance of early planning came to the fore just like the need to have more modern and improved sporting facilities to be able to bid and host major world events in the near future.


That Kenya now wants to host the 2020 World Under-20 Championships and one of the Diamond Leagues leg in due course speaks volumes about its growing confidence.

The talent discovered right from the World Under-18 camps must not go to waste.

The national and county governments and Athletics Kenya should combine efforts to enable more regular training for youth.