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Remove sub-standard courses at universities

Thursday October 1 2015

The massive expansion of universities has created opportunities for many people to pursue higher education and improve their lot.

Not only have the universities grown in number and population, the courses and programmes that they offer have increased. Thus, university education now has a wide range of courses to choose from.

However, the country is beginning to stare at a crisis due to the uncontrolled expansion.

Some of the universities have introduced courses they are least equipped to handle and the result is that they are offering sub-standard training.

Most of them lack the facilities and lecturers required to mount the programmes. The net result is that they are churning out incompetent professionals.

This is why action must be taken to reverse this trend. We, therefore, acknowledge the regulatory bodies that have cracked down on universities not qualified to offer professional training.


Specifically, the Council for Legal Education and the Engineers Registration Board of Kenya have directed some universities to close departments offering professional courses they are not competent in.

For example, the Council for Legal Education has asked Moi University to stop its law programme as well as the University of Nairobi’s Kisumu and Mombasa campuses. Catholic University has up to November to satisfy the requirements or be shut.

Technical University of Kenya, Egerton, and Masinde Muliro have been in the spotlight for offering non-accredited engineering courses.

There is a major problem regarding professional training in universities. The desire to generate revenue must not be allowed to sacrifice quality.

Regulatory authorities must conduct thorough inspection among the universities and weed out those offering sub-standard training.