Solidarity against terror

Wednesday March 9 2016

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Two recent occurrences are a manifestation of the kind of international solidarity needed to defeat the terrorists in Somalia. The seizure by the Australian navy of a cache of weapons in a fishing boat suspected to have been destined for the jihadists is a decisive action against a group that routinely carries out deadly suicide attacks on the internationally recognised government in Mogadishu.

The same group has been involved in the slaughter of hundreds of Kenyans. The Australians patrolling the Middle and Eastern African coastal waters have been instrumental in helping to clear the maritime security risk posed by Al-Shabaab and curbing piracy.

Sunday’s operation in which the Australians seized 2,000 pieces of weapons came within days of American drones killing 150 Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia.

This is another significant development in the much-needed cooperation against an evil group that has been strengthened by the participation of foreign fighters. The next step should be a concerted effort to prevent terrorists born and bred in America and Europe from making their way to Somalia.

The African Union’s effort to stabilise Somalia through its peacekeeping mission needs more robust international support to eradicate the threat to regional peace and stability.