Speed up police reforms

Tuesday February 16 2016

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The job of a police officer is quite tough and demanding. But it has to be done and the recruits go into it knowing quite well that this is not just another source of livelihood; it is a challenging occupation that calls for bravery, determination and a fair amount of sacrifice. As they seek to maintain law and order, the officers often put their lives on the line.

The officers experience serious hardships that put their lives under even greater strain. They have to contend with not only poor salaries, but also a generally wanting welfare system.

The acute housing shortage that forces the officers to live in heavily congested police lines or hovels with bare minimum living conditions have been well-documented.

However, there are not enough resources to improve the living standards of the officers overnight. According to a survey we carried out, the situation is so bad that the people we expect to police society are increasingly needing to be policed themselves.

Recent incidents in which nearly 30 officers have killed themselves or their colleagues in fits of anger are a manifestation of a dire situation.

The ongoing reforms in the National Police Service must be speeded up to alleviate the problems that pose a grave threat to a vital institution.