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In prohibiting discrimination, the new laws allow prostitutes and gays

Sunday October 3 2010

There is fear of an anti-gay backlash after Cabinet minister Esther Murugi provoked Kenyans by urging them to accept gays.

Ms Murugi’s remarks may not for instance be taken lightly by the clergy, more so those who fought against the new Constitution, citing some clauses in support of abortion and homosexuality.

Though Africa as a whole is under pressure from the western world to recognise the rights of homosexuals, our culture and morals should not be eroded. Homosexuality is an unnatural behaviour.

Kenya has got its own societal values. There’s nothing Kenyan about homosexuality. It does not fit within how humans should reproduce.




I am heterosexual, and have never been attracted to other women. I, however, have friends who are, and they are no lesser beings because of their sexual orientation.

I find the statements by religious leaders totally obnoxious. Homophobia, like racism, tribalism and sexism, has no place in any civilised society.

I find it even more curios that some of the leaders hail from areas where homosexuality has long been practised openly.

Mombasa, Malindi, Mtwapa and Lamu have large gay communities, a fact religious leaders know.

Why then condemn Murugi for simply acknowledging what we have always known? This is hypocrisy. Does the new Constitution not prohibit discrimination?

JUNE CHEPTOO, Mombasa County


Brave call

Minister Murugi’s call for the community to accept and pray for the gay community is a brave call many in position of authority fail to acknowledge.

The freedom to information, social interaction and lack of peer education has led to increased changes of lifestyle.

Such people live a chosen life and may encounter risks that need government intervention.

By engaging in mob condemnation and hurling abuses, religious leaders among other groups ought to step back, stare reality in the face, and discover that the problem is afflicting not just their flock, but the leadership as well.