World Bank report linking jobs to corruption and tribalism spot-on

Thursday December 6 2012

A world bank economic report launched on Wednesday presented a worrying revelation on the state of unemployment in our country.

The report indicates that the rate of unemployment has continued to be high and persistent. Out of the 800,000 job seekers, the report says, there are only 50,000 jobs available.

It goes further to say that vices like corruption, tribalism, bribery and sexual harassment are the major contributors to this trend, and unless they are addressed, the situation is never going to change.

For a long time now, the problem of unemployment, especially among the Kenyan youth has continued to be a big hindrance to our economic growth.

This has been given impetus by these vices in the World Bank economic report, something which both previous and current governments have always done little or nothing to address.

Corruption and impunity continue to be the order of the day. Survey after survey has often ranked Kenya among the most corrupt countries on the continent.

The monies set aside by the government or contributed to us by donors to create projects that support development, such as roads and free education, mostly end up in the pockets of thieving leaders mandated to oversee these projects.

A case in point is the Kazi kwa Vijana initiative where millions of shillings were reported missing.

Another was in the youth empowerment funds project, which again saw millions of shillings go un-accounted for.

Tribalism is also a major contributing factor to the high unemployment.

People in high places have always hired members of their families or community despite some of them not being qualified to hold the positions they are hired for.

You may not be surprised to walk into a government department or private firm only to find people from the same community speaking their mother tongue.

It has now become a norm that for one to secure employment, he or she must have connections, which might include you being a member of a community in office, a very worrying trend indeed.

Bribery and sexual harassment have also been on the rise. For you to secure an employment position you have to part away with a bribe.

Some people asked for sexual favours before securing a job or being promoted. Sex-for-jobs is bad because good looks alone does not perform the work.

Many university and college graduates are out there unemployed not because there are no jobs but because of these vices.