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Double standards favour Israel

Wednesday December 31 2008

Last weekend, the people of Gaza woke up to the sound of Israeli jets. What followed was a well executed plan to wipe out an entire population. There was anarchy, death and destruction.

The international community was quick to condemn Hamas for starting the war; they supply Israelis with weapons which must be put to use.

The West wants to destroy people fighting against occupation. The US is out to wipe out Palestinian population living in squalid conditions.

Can you imagine life in a Nairobi with neither entry nor exit? This is how the Palestinians live. The world should not give in to double standards by Western countries against the Palestinians.

When Hamas kill an Israeli, there’s a barrage of international condemnation, but when Israel exterminates an entire city, there is no word except carefully worded statement from their capitals.

The Palestinians are resisting occupation, yet they are called terrorists. Can we call liberation groups terrorist?

If al Qaeda is a terrorist organisation because of fighting the Americans and killing people, then the Israelis and the Americans are also terrorists, since they have killed more than what Osama bin Laden and his group have killed.

We should be rational beings and stop behaving like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.



I was perturbed by some Muslim leaders in Mombasa calling for censure of Israeli following fighting in Gaza.

These anti-Israeli rhetoric that should be dismissed. Israel is a sovereign state with the mandate to protect her people from any attacks and aggression.