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Did Obama know that the people he called US natives are related to Luos?

Friday February 6 2009

In his election victory speech last year, US President Barack Obama mentioned a people he referred to as natives of the country.

As a student of Egyptology I became inquisitive and asked myself if the president was aware that the people he mentioned could be the antecedents of his Luo ethnic community.

What most people may not know, or deliberately do not want to, is that the first people to occupy the Americas, in particular the US and Mexico, were proto-Luos, proto-Maasais, Proto-Kalenjins and other sub-communities that left the Nile Valley 5,000 years ago in pursuit of business contacts in the Americas.

This is when Africa was the superpower of the ancient world. Who then are these people whose bucolic life corresponds with those of Negroes of ancient Egypt?

The earliest peoples to reach Mesoamerica came from the Nile Valley, and some of them are the Olmeec, Maya, Toltec, Aztec, Miztec, Chichimeek and Nauhalt.

But let me talk only about the Olmeec and the Maya as they have some links with President Obama’s Luo and the Olmaa. In the Aztec language, Olmeec means people of rubber.

In the Maasai/Kalenjin language, Olmeec should mean people of the west. How amazing that the Olmeec, who now live in southern US and Tabsaco province of Mexico actually live west of their fellow Nilotes!

The Maasai and the Kalenjin refer to Luos and Luhyias as Lumeek, Olmeek or Limeek, which means people of the west. And truly, like the Olmee of Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma, the Luos/Luhyia (Olmeek) live west of the Maasai/Kalenjin.

The prefixes Ol, Il and El mean people in the Maa language; hence, El-Kony, Olmang’ati (Barabaek — the Kalenjin-speaking people of Babati district in Tanzania), El-Molo, Iloikop, Ilogolala, El-Keiyo and Iltorobo (Ogiek).

Thus, Olmeec, now called Wasschitaw, should mean people of the west in the Aztec/Maasai languages. It is also amazing to note that the Maasai, Samburu, Rendille and Ole Kisongo refer to themselves as Olmaa, or even Olmeek, which reminds us of the Olmeec Africoid people of Mesoamerica.

The Maya, the most civilised people of the Americas, are also the relatives of the Olmaa of Kenya and the Olmeec of the US.

Maya could have first been Maa. The Ma people of central Vietnam, Cambodia and uplands of Laos could also have been a branch of the Maasai.

The Ma speak Khmer language which is a Kemetic language spoken during Pharaonic times. Kemet (later Khmer) means country in both Kalenjin and ancient Egyptian language.

Like their black Africoid brothers, the Maoris of New Zealand and the Aborigines of Australia have been petitioning the US government to demand millions of acres of land they have lost since the European conquistadors invaded the Americas.

They have since filed a case and hope that, with one of their own — President Barrack Obama — in power, they will have their land back.

Diggir, Trans-Mara.