Congratulations ‘Daily Nation’ for doing a great job

Sunday September 10 2017

Print media has so far been Kenya’s best method of acquainting citizens with current affairs. Many Kenyans prefer the publications to other electronic media such as radio, television and the internet due to a number of reasons.

For instance, the electronic means are best known for altering information to either suit the audience or make corrections to a prior issue.

This has been the base for my solid rallying behind newspapers.

The dailies have hit the market with a thud. The number of newspaper stands and vendors in Kisii Town is high. Every morning as I hurry to class, I usually stop at the Kisii Central police station gate to check on the dailies on a certain stand. Most times I buy the Daily Nation.


The main stories on the front page are usually an assortment that fits the season. The Daily Nation is a synonym for a ‘developed publication serving a developing nation’.

Its wide range of pull-outs such as My Network, Buzz and Young Nation show its fundamental concern on every aspect that basically touch on Kenyan life.

The best part of print media is airing views, a very common practice in the Daily Nation.The Watchman and Letters To The Editor can never miss in your copy of the Daily Nation.

They ensure your views are heard. These are some of the reasons that make me like the newspaper.