Blomfield wrong on religious education

Saturday December 8 2012

R.A. Blomfield’s reaction to Lukoye Atwoli’s column titled Involvement of religious groups in education reflecting on the “downward” path we have chosen in matters of individual conscience missed the point.

Personally, I know that as entailed in our national anthem “may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty”, Kenya is indeed an autonomous, self-governing state with a Constitution that is our unifying factor.

On matters of education, liberty plays an important role. In order for strong thinking to be encouraged and nurtured among students and pupils, freedom of conscience plays an important role.

Mr Blomfield should realise that we are not living in the colonial era where everyone was under the Queen of England and thus the Church of England. Not every Kenyan belongs to that church.

Our leaders should exercise great caution and wisdom on matters of education as religious interference can hinder progress.

Rene Kilonzo, via email.