Bungled migration to digital TV will deny us election updates

Tuesday December 11 2012

The migration to digital TV has been handled in a most unprofessional manner, without clear strategy, or concern for the consumer and other stakeholders.

At first the government was on the right path, and appointed a committee comprised of all stakeholders. But the recommendations of the report were never implemented, and this is why the process has become messy.

First, an autonomous public broadcasting network operator, Signet, was supposed to be established and to enjoy five years of monopoly.

This was meant to enable smooth and painless migration for both the consumers and the media owners. Signet remains an entity by name only; it is not even a department KBC.

A pilot trial phase was supposed to be conducted whereby the consumers and media owners would be educated on the advantages of digital TV. Signet was expected to discuss with media owners how to use their infrastructure during the monopoly period.

Even before the pilot phase was completed, the ministry rushed to licence a commercial service provider to run on the public platform.



If the government shuts the analogue TVs on December 31, the masses won’t have news on election progress. Is somebody out to keep us in the dark?