City Hall must act to curb spread of water-borne disease

Monday July 17 2017

As Dr Evans Kidero focuses on a spirited campaign to retain the governor seat, a hideous worm is squirming, ready to wreak havoc in Nairobi.

The worm is the cholera epidemic. It started with a brutal attack on guests at a Karen wedding reception.

This was followed by the much-publicised attack on guests at the Weston Hotel, then the recent incident when some Cabinet Secretaries and other dignitaries were infected after taking meals at a conference.

The county Health Department is up to this stage burying its head in the sand and wishing away a potentially catastrophic situation.

I see sabotage by City Hall workers. How do you explain reports from various estates in Nairobi that water from taps is emitting a foul smell?

How do you explain the brownish water from the taps?

A close friend in one of the estates recently hired a plumber to clean his tanks.

The muck at the bottom of the tanks was shocking. Why has water been adulterated with raw sewage?

Is the ongoing industrial action over perceived grievances?

Residents of Nairobi should brace for hard times ahead and prepare for litigation as the county government owes them supply of clean water, which is what they pay for.

The Water Department should update residents on what it is doing to forestall a catastrophic epidemic.

Sam Ng’ang’a, Nairobi.


Lowassa needs to stop meddling in Kenya polls

Former Tanzania Prime Minister Edward Lowassa should stop meddling in the politics of Kenya.

The leader of the neighbouring country’s main opposition party should not say who should be elected the president of Kenya.

Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo should not decide for us who the best presidential candidate is.

Kenyans should be left to decide their own destiny without any external influence.

Justin N. Nkaranga, Mombasa.