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Fake degrees declaration huge step backwards for education

Monday February 20 2017

The declaration of fake degrees offered in Kenyan universities has disappointed parents even more than the graduates.

The question both are asking is, why did the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), the state agency tasked with university admissions, allow students to pursue fake degrees?

Who will compensate students who are in their final year of study as well as graduates for the time and resources that they have wasted in pursuit of the “fake” degrees?

Who licensed the courses and who employed their lecturers?

Such a blot on institutions of higher learning will definitely directly affect basic education as learners give up on chasing their dream for fear of eventually being awarded fake, worthless degrees.

The government must punish the culprits and move quickly to reassure citizens that Kenya’s education system is worth believing in.


* * *

The concerns raised by Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i about fake degrees at local universities raise questions on how unaccredited institutions could admit students undetected.

Why did the government not check the courses beforehand?

Public universities in Kenya are ISO-certified, which means their courses are recognised worldwide. Furthermore, in the courses that have been named by the CS, we have had many graduates.

What will be the fate of students who have put in efforts for almost four years waiting to graduate only to be disappointed by the claims?

I am not against Dr Matiang’i’s efforts to restore the dignity of our institutions but the issue should be handled with utmost care.


* * *
Kenyan university students have for many years suffered a lot with some having had missing marks and yet they sat all the papers.

At last, Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has directed universities to establish and implement electronic result transmission systems within six months to stem cases of missing marks, delayed completion rates and unaccountability for students at all levels.

Universities must also ensure that, in the 2017 graduation cycle, their students receive transcripts and results prior to graduating.

Dr Matiang’i further directed universities to prepare and submit annual reports to the Commission for University Education (CUE) to ensure consistency and compliance with institutional audit legal frame work.

The directive will help students to know their results in time and even submit their complains for corrections before graduation. It will also help in curbing fake degrees and denying rightful graduands qualification because of mistakes made by the universities.