Is our intelligence so low we need reminders to be peaceful?

Tuesday February 26 2013

The peace messages flowing from all corners of this country and beyond are good, but I believe they are also demeaning.

What should be obvious is being drummed very monotonously as though we are some wild animals out there in the jungle whose aggression must be massaged with words of peace to make polls peaceful.

This is exactly where the post-election violence of 2007/8 has consigned the country.

It is embarrassing that US President Barack Obama has to spare some of his time to request Kenya to hold peaceful elections as though we don’t know that it is good for us. Some personal assistant did prepare this information and presented it to the US president to relay to Kenyans.

Reading through the mind of this assistant, it is apparent that a peaceful election is good for both Kenya and American interests.

So how did the fellow reason? “Those idiots are not even aware violence can ruin their country and our strategic interests within that region. So let us request our president to intervene in person and plead with them to hold peaceful elections.”

May the peace messages continue.

But by emphasising the obvious, we are placed where we belong — a country of primitive barbarous multitudes who cannot conduct something as basic as a peaceful election.

Silas Nyambok, Athi River