Lack of schools behind poverty at the Coast

Thursday October 25 2012

Mwangi Githaiga’s reaction to Rasna Waraha’s piece (Nation, October 22) was ill-informed.

What makes him different from the indigenous Coast resident is probably his education, which in turn gives him drive.

Without it, he would not even know that chamas are one way out of poverty. Now, if poor education is the cause, how is it linked to historical injustices?

The government did not invest in schools at the Coast and North Eastern provinces.

Coastals could have taken loans and taken their children to schools elsewhere, Mwangi might argue.

How then could they fund this, considering that up to date, the land they live on doesn’t have title deeds, a key ingredient in securing a loan?

Don’t just call a people lazy because your parents had schools and fees.