Launch of port cargo scanners step in right direction

Wednesday September 6 2017

The recently launched non-intrusive cargo scanners at the Mombasa port by the Kenya Revenue Authority is a significant milestone in enhancing clearance of freight. 

According to KRA statistics, the agency will now be scanning approximately 750 containers a day – an improvement from approximately 500 containers.  

The taxman’s move to automate non-intrusive scanning mechanisms is music to the ears of the business community whose consignments would take longer at the port before being cleared because scanning was manual. Manual scanning was time-consuming and tedious and thus its efficiency in the fight against contraband was not foolproof.


Installing non-intrusive scanners is therefore a recipe for faster clearance of consignments at the port and is good for facilitating trade.

This demonstrates the taxman’s commitment in aiding trade.

With improved trade facilitation, there is hope for better revenues for the country and a better economy.

Further, when such automatic installations are put in place, they reduce the chances of human-to-human interactions that in the long run would be a platform for breeding malpractices.

The  scanners also enhance the fight against contraband. Smuggled goods deny many people a source of livelihood and is a threat to the entire economy.