Lenient law only works to encourage poachers

Friday May 24 2013

The move by the Kenya Wildlife Services to push for a harsher penalty of a 15-year jail term for anyone caught poaching is commendable.

Poaching has for long been a painful thorn to our tourism and our economy. I recently visited a Nyahururu court to hear the magistrate’s verdict on a case in which a man had been arrested with four elephant tusks.

I was surprised when the man was fined Sh10,000 for every tusk. To me, this sounded like a joke since the convict had testified earlier to the court that he could have sold the tusks at a price of Sh120,000 each.

If poaching has to end, then we must start by revising the laws aimed at punishing the poachers.

Simon Kimani, Nakuru