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Men are becoming no more than sperm donors in our society

Sunday June 23 2013

I was listening to a debate in one of the morning breakfast shows in one of the FM radio stations this past week and wondered if really the boy child has a place left for him in this society. Women were calling and confessing how they would really wish their husbands were dead.

It reminded me of how hard it has become for male job seekers to get jobs this days be it from male or female employers something that was echoed by one of my lecturers at Egerton University. It is worrying that the society has focused more on the girl child and forgotten the boy child.

No wonder Maendeleo ya Wanawake organisation is so strong but the activities of Maendeleo ya Wanaume is often looked down upon.

It should not be forgotten that the controversial Kiambu County cabinet nominees were rejected for being gender biased. Surprisingly, this time round it was not women who were discriminated against, it was men. Only two out of eight nominees were men.

We actually have a problem that needs to be addressed. We have forsaken the boy child and soon it might cause grievous harm to the society. Men might just start withdrawing from social scenes while others will cease to see the relevance of marriage if the trend continues. Women should stop taking men as sperm donors and value them as their husbands.