Plastic the necessary evil that world can’t do without

Thursday September 7 2017

Plastic is irreplaceable. Our lives depend on it. From water bottles, toys, furniture and stationery, among other things, plastic components pepper everything.

Indeed, it would be unrealistic to ban plastic things. Banning them would make life too expensive. Plastic is cheap material that many manufacturers can afford.

Imagine if it was banned. You would no longer be able to buy a bottle of water in vending machines since manufacturers would probably have to sell water in glass bottles.

Since glass is more expensive than plastic, drinks would start to cost more.


Restaurants would no longer use plastic covers for their drinks, and you would no longer be able to use straws. This would be extremely inconvenient.

Many children’s toys are made of plastic. This is because plastic is light and easy to clean, making toys hygienic.

If children had to play with metal or glass toys, they could easily injure themselves.


If they had to play with wooden toys, hygiene would be a constant problem.

There is a reason plastic is so widely used. It has advantages over many other materials.

Imagine not being able to use stationery that has plastic. You would have to use metal rulers. This would make the prices of these items soar. Oh, and the little ink tubes inside pens? They’re plastic.

JOANNE NYAWIRA, via email.