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Selective job evaluation is meant to deny teachers their right to better pay

Monday January 12 2015

The teachers’ strike enters the second week with no hope of their unions and the government finding a solution to end it.

The government is not ready to give in to the teachers’ demands; the teachers on the other hand insist they are not going back to the classroom until the government gives in.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) says they should wait for a job evaluation to determine whether they will receive a pay rise or not and the teachers are not ready to hear any of this.

The question is, why the job evaluation? The teachers had clearly indicated their motives of going on strike and the government just treated it lightly.

Now that the strike has gone beyond its control, the government, through TSC, is coming up with excuses to deny teachers what they rightfully deserve.

No parent is happy that the teachers have downed their tools. I am sure even the teachers themselves are not happy doing what they are doing, but where is the government failing?

A top controversial blogger asked a very genuine question recently: “Why is it that when it comes to poorly paid public servants like teachers, nurses, policemen among others, the government insists on job evaluation?

He went further: “Who evaluated the Cabinet secretaries, permanent secretaries and senior civil servants before the recent increase in their allowances and pay?” I totally agreed with his point of view.

There is money to increase salaries and allowances of CSs and PSs but there is no money for the teacher back in the village, who earns a meagre salary.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission recently announced that all public servants will, from this month, get cheap car loans and mortgages.

The car loans will range from Sh600,000 to Sh10 million while the mortgage will range from Sh4 million to Sh40 million depending on the grade of an individual.

According to Serem, the implementation of these new benefits will motivate public officers and contribute towards attraction and retention of requisite skills in the public service.

Don’t teachers need to feel motivated too?

The government should stop making other public servants look more equal than others.