State should admit it is unable to run free healthcare

Friday September 15 2017

That healthcare is free is a lie told so many times by the government. Expectant mothers have been told that maternity services are free. But that has all been a big lie with devastating consequences on the health sector.

The never ending nurses and doctors strikes is a sure testimony that the government has no capacity to provide free healthcare and pay doctors. Its no use preaching free healthcare, which is a mirage, yet unattended patients continue dying.

The solution is to revert back to cost sharing. The government can subsidise healthcare and patients can pay a flat fee, say Sh200 per visit.

Free healthcare was a political gimmick and its time to sober up. Even in developed economies, healthcare is not free.


* * *

It’s so unfortunate that patients continue to languish in pain in public hospitals amid the ongoing nurses’ strike.

The nurses’ union boss Seth Panyako should urgently strike a deal with the council of governors on the CBA implementation to salvage our crippling health sector. What we are witnessing is supremacy battle. Everyone has his/her ego and no one wants to listen to the other. The threat of sacking the striking nurses is uncalled for. Let the concerned parties resolve the standoff.