Uhuru should embark on healing rift in the countryUhuru should embark on healing rift in the country

Saturday April 6 2013

The move by Prime Minister Raila Odinga to accept the verdict of Supreme Court on election petition was exemplary.

In lauding the victors in the recent March election, the premier projected goodwill and support to all, urging them to uphold the spirit of the Constitution and help in nurturing the young democracy in the country.

The PM stands out as a democratic icon. As a political enigma, Mr Odinga was unique and without doubt managed to get votes from all over the country.

Touched by the gracious speech from Mr Odinga, President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta too projected the need for unity and peace in the country.

Evidently, the duo’s message projected a call to unity as a departure from the 2007/08 post-election violence. It’s prudent to mark this as a win-win situation for not the president-elect, but rather for all Kenyans.

As the President-elect is sworn-in this week, he should embark on healing the rift within the country.

To this, Mr Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have to first swallow their pride, forgo their glowing manifesto and deploying of laptops to the pupils in primary school and begin by joining hands, literally, with all the other presidential opponents.

In this bid, they ought to work out arithmetically the sum total of voter from their supporters and use this as a middle ground to attain unity across the country. Its widely known that the Prime Minister had over 5 million voters and such supporters may not feel safe if the status quo takes effect.

This might be seen as ironic owing to the fact that it will be difficult to find the right position or place to give Mr Odinga but it should be equally important for the PM to take this not for personal profile but rather to create a pacifying ground for all citizens.

The fate and hopes of the Kenyans too have to be fortified as the widely speculated ICC issue is demoralising the spirit espoused by the hard working taxpayers on mention of sanctions. Therefore, the duo has to take heed of the ICC directives and clear their names without creating a compromising scenario on our sovereignty.

Mitigation measures on tribalism have to be deployed in an amicable way. Policy makers should device a way that rewards merit to all and not based on the ethnic considerations.

Alex Obutu, Kisii University.