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Urgent reforms needed to save Kenya’s university education

Tuesday October 6 2015

It is disheartening to read about and even witness the deteriorating standards of Kenyan university education.

The technical institutions that were doing well have been converted into universities, yet there has been no major shift in culture and practice.

These institutions cannot match traditional institutions such the University of Nairobi’s Upper Kabete Campus that has for years specialised in teaching agriculture and veterinary sciences.

Many universities just want to attract many students so that they can earn more income from the tuition fees they pay.

The other unfavourable factor is that the young students joining institutions of higher learning are ill-prepared to face real life challenges.

No one wants to explore the solutions to these problems. For instance if a child does not do well in the Form Four examination, he can be enrolled in tertiary and technical institutes instead of paying hefty fees to study unnecessary degrees.

Another solution lies in reviewing our current education system to have two main examinations in secondary education before students join university.

This will allow only mature young adults to join university, where independence, scholarly pursuit, and research are practised.

Today’s 8-4-4 graduates lack the intellectual wisdom necessary to articulate issues. They lean towards populism and noisemaking.