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Let Obama take his gay agenda elsewhere

Thursday July 4 2013

By DOROTHY KWEYU [email protected]

Someone tell US President Barack Obama that the continent has more pressing issues to tackle than his fixation with gay and lesbian rights.

Someone also tell the same to human rights activist Ken Wafula who jumped to Mr Obama’s defence when Jubilee lawmakers criticised his pro-gay stance.

At a time when we are under siege from ongoing and planned labour strikes arising from campaign errors of a bygone era, the least President Obama should have done — even from the safety of Tanzanian borders — is to advise the powers-that-be to handle the teachers’ strike issue with the wisdom and the urgency it deserves.

Our children — and grandchildren — deserve to be in school, and the ongoing strike can only be detrimental to their overall welfare.

That is why I find it in extremely bad taste for Mr Obama to attempt to divert our attention to a personal lifestyle issue when more weighty issues are facing Kenya — simply the most unequal society in my view.

But that is for another day. For now, let me take the gay and lesbian bull by the horns.

Like most politicians, President Obama knows which side his bread is buttered upon, and having been overwhelmingly voted back into office by minorities, including immigrants, gays and lesbians, he has no option but to sing their tune.

That is loyalty, and it is in order, as long as he does not make it a gospel to be preached to the rest of humanity.

The truth about the gay and lesbian ethos is that is it an anarchic lifestyle that goes against our basic humanity.

Notwithstanding advances in biotechnology, whereby we are being told that we are headed for a brave new world in which it will be possible to create human beings through cloning, it is a biological fact that only heterosexual unions can sustain life as we know it.

The union of the sperm and the ovum in heterosexual congress is the basis of society, and giving homosexuality free rein is akin to kissing goodbye to humanity.

I hear gays and lesbians yelling back at me that they should be allowed to adopt and raise children like any other citizens.

They have argued, ad nauseam, that they are genetically wired to homosexuality when clinical psychologists have proved beyond doubt that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle is learned behaviour that has absolutely nothing to do with our genetic make-up.

In Kenya, the Constitution protects individuals against all forms of discrimination including on the basis of sexual orientation. But the same law only recognises marriage as a union of two consenting adults, male and female.

Whereas gays and lesbians are entitled to their inherent dignity as human beings, this should never be construed to mean that they have a cause to convert the world to a cul-de-sac lifestyle that negates the fundamentals of human survival.

The US Government’s massive funding of gays and lesbians is an affront to African culture, which, notwithstanding the nihilistic modernistic tendencies that are tearing it apart, is essentially pro-life and pro-family.

Let President Obama keep his gay agenda within the US as we have enough pressing issues to deal with.

Ms Kweyu is a Revise Editor, Daily Nation.