What I couldn’t previously say about Obama

Saturday November 10 2012



In our preoccupation with President Barack Obama’s blood link with East Africa, we ignore the vastly more important factor of upbringing in his character.

Typical is the book The Luo: The Black Jews of Africa by Alenyo William of Jonam, a small Ugandan Luo community.

Through extremely embarrassing ethno-religious bigotry concerning Greater Luo history, Alenyo William adduces the following percentage figures about the blood composition of the 44th US president:

  • Luo..........................50.0
  • English....................37.402,343,75
  • German....................3.710,937
  • Irish.........................3.125
  • Scottish...................3.125
  • Welsh......................1.562.5
  • Swiss......................0.976,562 .5
  • French...................0.097.656.25

He attributes this interesting blood analysis to William Adams Reitwiesner Genealogical Services. But it affirms merely that the Luo father contributed the most to the president’s biology.

It says exactly nothing about the fact that Barack Senior contributed nothing to Barack Junior’s acquired behaviour and world conception.

The president owes 100 per cent of his Weltanschaung – an expressive German term translatable as “world outlook” – to the culture which his Anglo-Saxon mother Stanley Anne Dunham, his petty bourgeois classroom drilling and the general corporate environment have brought to bear upon the young man’s exceptionally retentive mind.

That was why – because I know the history – it could not at all surprise me that, in his acceptance speech in 2008, the president-elect expressed just what were the quintessential interests and prejudices of the corporate American family, its ancestral roots in old England and its Zionist offshoot in the Middle East.

But, of course, for extremely important tactical reasons, I could not immediately express my disappointment. It was far more important to me – as a citizen of the world – that, instead of criticising him immediately – and thus jeopardising his victory – I should promote mankind’s higher interest by keeping quiet until the world had crossed this Rubicon of race.

It was far more important, I thought, for mankind to first make the history which Barack Junior eventually made because, by overcoming the race hurdle standing in the way to the Oval Office, we would score a victory against the race bigotry from which that anti-human institution might find it difficult to rear its ugly head again.

My friend Cora Weiss, a white American Khazari Jew who had played a pivotal role in Tom Mboya’s airlift (of which I was a beneficiary), had the same mind. She discovered that Barack Senior had not been among the first batch of 81 airlift students. He had gone to Hawaii a year earlier through a private arrangement.

But, by that time, the claim that Senior had been among the 81 carried much positive propaganda weight for his son, the candidate. Cora knew how puny-minded the American electorate can get, its preoccupation with form at the expense of essence.

To deny it now, Cora thought, might seriously injure Barack Junior’s ambition to enter the White House and make history. She e-mailed to seek my opinion and I readily agreed.

So Cora, Peter (her husband) and I agreed to withhold that truth because it was a million times less important than the coming Truth — namely, humanity’s political victory over the inhumanity of racism.

Although, biologically, more than 50 per cent of the president belongs to the race which has suffered most horrendously from the general policy that he bends over backwards to promote, Mr Obama cannot be personally faulted for it. His education and nurture is what has so powerfully predisposed him (and ourselves) towards this Weltanschauung.

But that handicap notwithstanding, Barack Obama Junior will occupy a special place in the annals of history. To be sure, when he romped into office in 2009, Barack Obama made only a little dent on the skin of the corporate behemoth that sponsors the world’s econo-political predation and religio-racial despotism.

But the important thing is that he has now dredged history’s pathway so widely that Jopiny Mangima (“the entire world”) — inspired by a Luo-English-Scottish-Welsh-Irish-German-Frenchman — can start doing things together again as siblings.