Why Obama deserves four more years in the White House

Saturday November 3 2012


Here I am again, four years later, caught up in the fever of the US elections.

Let me begin by confessing that I have picked up my love for Hillary Clinton and given it back in full swing.

Remember 2008 when she conveniently declined to look up to me as she signed my book, wouldn’t look me in the eye while shaking my hand simply because I did not act like I was going to vote for her in the primaries.

After four people on the greeting line, someone yelled “Hillary, I will vote for you”. Boy didn’t she look up invitingly. You know the protocol of these matters required for me to be a lady.

Two weeks later comes Barack Obama and his warm handshake and eye connection was heartwarming. I was on board to volunteer at his headquarters. She has since been an exceptional Secretary of State appointed by her then opponent. We all forgive and move on, right?

What a difference four years have made. We have seen the roller-coaster of events. The GOP is damaged by its own doing by embarrassing the Tea Party’s extreme mentality and attacking everything from the progressives.

They have exploited President Obama’s humility and coolness, a sort of inability to candidly characterise his and his administration’s accomplishments. The list is long and many seem unaware. This man of humility had somehow left it to you and me to figure his achievements out. Well, until Bill Clinton magically laid it out at the DNC.

Nevertheless, the attacks needn’t be so outrageously demeaning, to say the least. The President is the Commander-in-Chief for crying out loud. I’m inclined to believe that race has a lot to do with it as much as I would like to avoid that notion. I want to be in denial and think we are better than that.

The amazing thing is that he has graciously endured the unimaginable with incredible resilience. He is focused and strategic.

Two days ago, in Las Vegas, Obama told a crowd, and it touched my heart, “my opponent (Mitt Romney) can go around talking about change but I know what real change looks like and I have the scars to prove it”. And doesn’t he? All you do is look at his hair, need I say more?

The guy is so determined to do an outstanding job, to serve the country that he entered his presidency with his entire being, leaving no part of him behind. His administration has accomplished much.

Who killed Osama bin Laden, ended the war in Iraq, got affordable health care Act signed, had the credit card consumer protection registration, equal work, equal pay for women and more?

Jobs are coming up. The US economy has grown 3 per cent while Europe continues to weaken. We are ready for a robust economical revival. Talk about keeping promises.

The Democrats should have nothing but pride for producing a man of this political calibre. I know this for a fact, GOP’ers secretly wish Obama belonged to their party.

GOP has this aloofness that only they can do good for the country, only they know God and that Democrats are all liberals with no morals and a sinful lot.

The state of this union is good. We are coming out of a deep hole. And I see a win for the President. He deserves a second term to finish what he is progressively achieving. If Mitt were to win he would claim victory in things he had no idea how they happened.

He has been defined the biggest flip-flopper in the history of US presidential races. The man wilfully changes his stand on everything he previously said depending on the crowd expectations. A real political opportunist, sadly, on real life issues. Obama accurately diagnosed him with a condition he called “Romnesia”.

Finally, I want to say that I have watched in four years how God favours Barack Obama. There is power in being a decent human being. Every time it’s looking grim for him God moves miraculously to his favour.

An example is Sandy, the recent storm. In the midst of this tragedy came out one thing that cleared any doubt that Obama can work across the aisle in a bi-partisan way.

His Republican critic Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, had nothing but glorious praise for what the President did to help the devastated states of New York and New Jersey. His party is even accusing him of helping Obama to a victory.