It’s not Ezekiel Mutua’s business if people worship trees

Thursday September 22 2016

Dear Ezekiel Mutua,

According to you, atheists have no place in this country.

That notion is absurd. Someone must have told you that you are a) a legal authority on religion in Kenya, and b) that you are God. That is the only reason such a remark would pass from your lips. It must be the only explanation.

You continue to ignorantly cite a preamble in our Constitution as grounds for your absurd claims, saying that the Constitution recognizes the supremacy and sovereignty of a higher power, while ignoring what the Constitution actually says about religion.

An introduction does not a law make.

Your ranting and raving against the event that was supposed to happen on September 24, titled "Raising Children Without God", is therefore completely unwarranted and unprecedented.


People raise their children how they want to raise their children – whether Christian or Muslim or Mormon or atheist, believing in trees, believing in spaghetti monsters, whatever they want.

Their children. Not yours, Mr Mutua. You, of course, are completely within your rights to pass on what you believe to your children, and you should allow others to do the same.

And what, pray tell, has the chairman of the Kenya Film Classification Board have to do with parenting, aside from the laws that define your organisation's role ? You are well outside your mandate.

It is more absurd to me, daily, that you are encouraged to overstep your job description in such a frivolous and unbecoming manner, from billboards to thinking you have the power to regulate the Internet, much like our neighbourhood dictators who block Twitter during elections.

And now on to why you must think you are God. The actual God whom you seemingly believe in but pay no attention to, created humans and gave human beings free will.

Free will, Mr Mutua, in case you are not aware, includes the freedom to choose what you believe in – whether it is God, or not.

Revolutionary, isn’t it? And you are trying so very hard to take that away.

What’s more, freedom of belief (and association!) is allowed for in the Constitution, which is why we have so many diverse practices that thrive in our country – to meet who we want, associate with who we want, form organisations, take the power of active citizenry into our own hands.

You are not a god, and you have no right to monitor and police what people believe in. Quite frankly, your moral policing escapades are laughable at best

Listen, Mr Mutua, if I want to give my children to the so-called devil, then so be it. It is my business.

But the greater devil that you have to deal with is a glaring lack of understanding about what your job is. Go and pull out the log in your eye before trying to get at the speck in mine.

Twitter: @AbigailArunga