Words that get you thinking.
  1. John Walubengo: Let us focus on developing ICTs at the county level

    If all the counties improved their ICT investments in delivering on their county development goals, then we can confidently claim that Kenya is the hotbed of innovation.

  2. Bitange Ndemo: On revenue allocation, use data not politics

    For weeks now, the Senate has been politicking to find the right formula to allocate revenues to County Governments. Politics, however, is not a science. To determine the best way to allocate...

  3. Trump targets Chinese tech giants and their partners

    President Donald Trump is forcing the world to choose between China and the US.

  4. East African governments and the regional unity that won’t be

    How can a continent that is said to be swimming in natural resources be so poor as to fail to care for its people in such dire circumstances as these?

  5. Teen pregnancies: Uhuru should reconsider his methods

    If Mr Kenyatta really wants to help underage girls targeted by sex pests, he should order the police to arrest rapists.

  6. Is Trump’s TikTok threat a good move?

    Teens and young adults, who make up most of TikTok, are at the heart of consumerism culture.

  7. Try alternative education methods

    We cannot use the well-tested road, but there is an alternative.

  8. The lies that bind South Sudanese

    The seat of power seems to have forgotten the masses entirely.

  9. What is a digital signature?

    A digital signature is NOT your manual signature scribbled on paper and scanned into your document

  10. Why Lands Ministry should consider blockchain solutions

    Blockchain solutions have the ability to code ‘trust’ into the machines and take it away from human beings.