Monday November 27 2017

Needlessly wasteful: Blowing a princely Sh300 million on Tuesday’s inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta at Kasarani Stadium for his second and final five-year term is needlessly wasteful, says Benjamin Wambua. This, he adds, is “a ridiculously huge amount to be spent on an event of no economic benefit to the country”. It’s not too late, he hopes, to slash the budget to Sh1 million and channel the remainder of the funds into building schools, equipping hospitals and providing public services. His contact is [email protected]


Hyena talk insincere: Regarding the debate about the hyena, university don X.N. Iraki has been surprised at how the animal he described as “ugly, bad-mannered and lazy” is quite popular. “I did not know the hyena was that popular beyond ‘team mafisi’. But I highly suspect that the majority of those openly expressing their love for this ugly animal are not sincere. If they are, I challenge them to keep it as a pet. My dislike for the ugly hyena is driven by reality not folklore or documentaries. I met enough hyenas while growing up and their laughter is nothing to write home about.” His contact is [email protected]


Public asset: Some things, it seems happen only in Kenya, where impunity is largely the name of the game. The missing electricity generator belonging to Tharaka Nithi County, John Njuguna notes, was eventually found in a hotel belonging to the former governor, and who was not apologetic at all, seeming to rather casually confirm that the public item was actually being used in his private premises. “This is an indictment of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the other anti-graft agencies. I hope this case will jolt them out of their lethargy.” His contact is [email protected]


Stark reality: Talk about 993,718 KCPE 2017 candidates joining Form One next year is worrying Henry Lisege, who doubts that the country has the capacity to accommodate such a huge number. “Is this just populist talk?” he asks. He is also aware that the Standard Eight exam will be phased out in the new education system next year, and also wonders whether its replacement will be a system that is universal. Henry hopes that the education authorities stop burying their heads in the sand and respond to his concerns. His contact is [email protected]

Have a realistic day, won’t you!