When the country is crying over excessive taxation, DP William Ruto is buying goats worth Sh5 million and cracking jokes.


  • Vehicles from the Nakuru side exiting into Kiamunyi are forced from the middle into the climbing lane by rogue drivers from the Eldoret side.


EXPOSED BRIDGE: The Nairobi River bridge on Komarock Road is a major disaster in waiting, warns John Gichuki. The bridge, he adds, has been stripped of guard rails, exposing motorists, motorcycle riders, cyclists and pedestrians, including schoolchildren, in the Eastlands to grave danger. John is challenging the city county roads department or any of the national agencies responsible for the maintenance of the bridge with regular repairs to ensure that the rail guards are restored as soon as possible to enhance road safety. His contact is


OPPOSITION: A long-standing diehard supporter of opposition leader Raila Odinga, Patrick Majanja, says he can no longer back him, blaming his March 9 handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta. He adds: “That Raila has sacrificed a lot in the fight for basic freedoms is not debatable. But this nonsensical handshake I cannot and will never support.” He worries, with his idol “firmly in the ruling circles”, about checks on the government. “Where are Nasa co-principals Kalonzo and Musalia Mudavadi? This is a bare-knuckle battle, sirs.” His contact is


DANGEROUS ROAD: A stitch in time saves nine, remarks Dr Kariuki Gichuki on the danger lurking on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway between the Njoro interchange and Ngata Bridge, where there is a busy exit into Kiamunyi Estate. Vehicles from the Nakuru side exiting into Kiamunyi are forced from the middle into the climbing lane by rogue drivers from the Eldoret side. “Having witnessed several near-misses, it's a disaster waiting to happen.” He urges Kenha to put up road signs and rumble strips to warn drivers descending to Nakuru. His contact is


‘DETACHED’ DP: Keenly watching the political scene, Akinyi Nyar Owuor says she wonders whether Deputy President William Ruto “stopped living in the country when he ascended to the second-highest office in the land”. The DP, she claims, “seems so out of touch with reality that, on a day when the entire country is literally on its knees, crying over excessive taxation, he is buying goats worth Sh5 million and cracking jokes!” She states: “I really hope that Kenyans will stand up for their rights and bring to a halt this callous insensitivity.” Her contact is

THIN TRAFFIC: The clear roads that Bethuel Bosire saw in Nairobi last month, C. Mbutura says, had nothing to do with a corruption purge he claimed had removed fuel guzzlers. According to him, it was about school holidays. “Every April, August and December, our roads are all clear. It means that, apart from school buses and teachers being on their break, many children are driven to school in big cars. Once schools reopen, he adds, even the Thika Superhighway gets clogged. His contact is


FOREIGNERS: Baffled by rising numbers of foreigners settling in Kenya, Jacob Kyallo claims residential areas in Kitengela Township are teeming with Nigerians, Congolese, Burundians and others. “We often have police crackdowns, arrests are made, but the foreigners soon return, possibly after paying bribes. To solve the issue of illegal foreigners, the government should require landlords to obtain evidence of their being in Kenya legally, such as work permits. This will ensure homeowners are careful about whom they lease their property to.” His contact is

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