Tuesday November 28 2017

Behaving badly: The swearing-in of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto may be over now, but Victor Mochere is yet to get over the extravagance. A country reeling under a public debt of Sh4.4 trillion, Victor adds, should not have splashed out Sh300 million on the show at Kasarani Stadium, Nairobi, as was confirmed by Chief of Staff and Head of the Public Service Joseph Kinyua. He wishes the leadership could pay more attention to hunger, unemployment, poor roads, striking public university lecturers, and the ailing medical service. “That money could have employed 1,000 fresh graduates for a whole year.” His contact is[email protected]

Political crisis: Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile’s call for a constitutional amendment to recreate the prime minister’s position is wrong, says Sauthi Mbunza. The opposition, Sauthi adds, is constitutionally established to check the government of the day. Having opposition leader Raila Odinga back as the premier, he doubts, is a solution to the ongoing political crisis. However, Sauthi is grateful to the opposition for fighting for people’s rights and against political crises. His contact is [email protected]

Great generosity: Trust travel company Bonfire Adventures to seize an opportunity like when several months ago, it displayed its great generosity by granting the youthful “100-bob wedding couple” a holiday of their lives, and, of course, reaped big in publicity, in return, says Basilio Chabari. Now, Bonfire won’t let another chance slip through its fingers and is offering the “golden KCPE exam girl” and her parents a holiday to any destination of their choice. Says Basilio: “How I wish we had more such generous people in Kenya!” His contact is [email protected]

Black spot: Driving past the accident black spot that Salgaa on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway has become, with the death toll rising, Mwamba Onyiego could not help figuring out the solution to the problem: The construction of a dual carriageway. While on his way to Eldoret, Mwamba saw the scene of yet another a fatal accident. “In under one week, we have lost one too many people at this black spot through head-on collisions. Can the government can consider constructing a dual carriage way at the fatal stretch to save lives?” His contact is [email protected]

Have a safer day, won’t you!