Thursday October 19 2017

PRAYING NATION:Welcoming President Uhuru Kenyatta’s call for prayers for the nation over the election impasse, Erick Wekesa wishes he had also embraced the need for dialogue with his opponents. Erick adds: “Prayer is not a monologue, but a dialogue. If you refuse to dialogue with the opposition, I don’t think it will be easy to dialogue with God. In fact, one of the key requirements of prayer is forgiveness. God will not forgive those who do not forgive their neighbours. Please, have a cup of coffee with Nasa’s Raila Odinga, and let’s pray in unison.” His contact is [email protected]

POLITICAL SOAP OPERA: The unending political soap opera in the run-up to the fresh presidential election on October 26, Ruth Gituma says, continues to “have twists and turns with no predictable end in sight”.  She poses: “What next with the IEBC divided down the middle, with one of the commissioners having just thrown in the towel?” But also quite worrying to her, are the attacks in some perceived Nasa zones on IEBC training sessions. “Will the officers deliver in such a hostile environment? Sadly, there are more questions than answers, and yet time is running out.” Her contact is [email protected]

LITTLE VICTIMS: The lobbing of tear gas at the little innocent children of Carmel Nursery School in Kisumu town during recent anti-IEBC demos is an incident that Mike Opondo says he cannot easily come to terms with. The attack, he adds, shows just how heartless some police officers can be in their overzealous execution of their duties in support of the government, and which shows the lack of a human heart. This, he argues, is a grim reminder of the need to check the mental status of the police officers who commit such acts. “It’s very sad!” concludes Mike, whose contact is [email protected]

OUT OF THE BOX? As a mighty sense of desperation sets in over the forthcoming fresh presidential election, Jasper Ouma is inviting his fellow voters to think out of the box. He adds: “There are two frontrunners who command huge followings. This is some wishful thinking from me. However, if the voters were to decide and go against expectations and rally behind Dr Ekuru Aukot, what would that portend for the country’s future?” Jasper strongly believes that such a shocker would provide the real solution to the many questions and heal the divisions the country is facing. His contact is [email protected]

DAVID-GOLIATH MOMENT! Also grappling with the deadly, seemingly unending matter of tribal politics and voting is Mercy Nelly, who wishes that the voters could reject both Jubilee’s President Kenyatta and Nasa’s Raila Odinga and go for Dr Aukot in next week’s poll. Choosing someone from one of the minority ethnic groups, Mercy strongly feels, is the answer to the perennial problem of tribalism. “Fellow Kenyans, let’s open our eyes so that in a David-Goliath moment, God can choose a new leader for the country.” Her contact is [email protected]

PHD IT IS. Flatly rejecting the argument that one does not need a PhD degree to become a good university lecturer, Anne Ndirangu says that would amount to discouraging lecturers from aspiring to get the higher qualification. Says she: “When something becomes so hard to achieve, it does not lose its value or pave the way for substitutes. The Commission for University Education must stick to its decision to have only PhD degree holders teach at university or very soon, even having fake certificates will be justified. “Her contact is [email protected]


Have a qualified day, won’t you!