The arrest of top Nasa adviser David Ndii is the application of “backdoor law”.


  • The only really remarkable thing that Peter Njoroge has noticed since Sonko became the governor is that the city county government must have a huge budget for media advertisements.


NATIONAL FLAG: The proposed Bill by Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr to enable Kenyans to show their pride in the National Flag and other emblems is one that really resonates with Prof Sam Chege. Writing from his base in Kansas, US, Prof Chege fully backs the bid to amend the National Flag, Emblems and Names Act to allow any Kenya to fly the National Flag at home, place of work or business premises. “At my house and office here in the USA, I have always prominently displayed the Kenyan flag in honour of my roots. The flag belongs to every Kenyan and not just a select few.” His contact is
PEDESTRIANS' SAFETY: The rather quick official response to an appeal that he made some time back to the roads authorities to create a few more safer pedestrian crossings on the busy Thika Superhighway has Alex Waithira quite elated. Says he: “Thanks, Watchie, for highlighting my appeal on September 20. Indeed, work on the project is scheduled to begin in January next year, as the tender has already been awarded to some two companies, Fourways Construction Company Limited and Interways Works Limited.” His contact is


ABETTING WASTAGE: Nairobi resident Diana D’Souza says Governor Mbuvi Sonko is abetting the wastage of public funds by having streets swept daily instead of educating residents not to litter and imposing heavy fines on culprits. All the kiosks and the car wash bays around the posh Lavington suburb west of the city centre, Diana reports, continue to block drains with their garbage and blatantly destroy sidewalks. The awareness creation, she adds, should be carried out daily using every form of media, “especially as you are aware that the villages enter the city daily!” Her contact is


100 DAYS IN OFFICE: The only really remarkable thing that he has noticed since Sonko became the governor, Peter Njoroge says is that the city county government must have a huge budget for media advertisements. What he has mainly done to mark his first 100 days in office, Peter adds, is to place adverts in all the daily newspapers either congratulating or mourning the deaths of some individuals. A disappointed Peter concludes that the man had promised to curb the wastage of funds that he claimed was rampant during the days of his predecessor, Evans Kidero. His contact is
CONSERVATION: The praise showered on Tanzanian leader John Magufuli for skipping President Uhuru Kenyatta’s swearing-in, caught Fred Kiige’s attention, simply because he found it rather cheeky. He wishes Njoroge Kibe, who is so impressed with the Tanzanian President, knew before he uttered his words that fiery Tanzanian opposition MP Tundu Lisu has been recuperating in a Nairobi hospital for several months now after being shot and wounded for being critical of the government. He was attacked outside his home shortly on his return from a parliamentary session. His contact is
SEARCH WARRANT: The arrest of top Nasa adviser David Ndii, Paul V. Otieno remarks, is the application of “backdoor law”. He adds: “The reason for a warrant is to prevent unlawful search and seizure. The police have to show probable cause, for a judge to issue one. In Mr Ndii’s arrest, the police wrote one for themselves on the spot, and served it without a judge’s signature. That just can’t happen. The same is true for a warrant of arrest, a judge has to sign one, not the police.” His contact is

Have a legal day, won’t you!

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