Del Monte’s land leases have been renewed by the Kiambu County government for another 99 years.


  • The leases should be renewed for maximum 30 to 50 years.


‘SHODDY PROBE’: Some animals are, indeed, more equal than others, says Stephen Masambu, not at all impressed with the investigations into the recent murder of university student Sharon Otieno. He adds: “This cannot be overemphasised and, more so, in connection with the death of Sharon and the attempted murder of former Garissa County finance officer Mukhtar Idris.” While it’s “obvious that the principal suspects are known, they continue to be referred to only 'persons of interest' by investigating authorities’’. His contact is


LAND LEASE: Christopher Karitu says he was dismayed to learn in the media that multinational Del Monte’s land leases have been renewed by the Kiambu County government for another 99 years, faulting Governor Ferdinand Waititu, the man popularly referred to as ‘Baba Yao’. Dr Karitu adds: “I feel that this is not fair to the people of Kiambu. The leases should be renewed for maximum 30 to 50 years. This way, it will allow proper replanning for the future use of the land, considering the changing needs and priorities in the county.” His contact is


M-PESA COST: With the increasing popularity of mobile money transfers, Henry Kibet is alarmed that, instead of making it easier for many people to enjoy the service, it’s getting tougher. Says he: “Safaricom should review its charges on M-Pesa transactions. Sending Sh1,000 costs Sh15, and then the shocker: Sh1,501 costs Sh41 and from 20,001 up to Sh70,000, it is Sh110. The withdrawal cost is the same for Sh101 and Sh2,500. What a great discrepancy! Why not spread the charges so that you don't punish those dealing with little money?” His contact is


BUS 'TRANSFER': Kenya Bus Services has always been a decent commuter service, with tickets issued to commuters, says Lawrence Mumo. But on September 9, Lawrence adds, he had a nasty encounter he will not forget soon. After paying Sh60 for a ride on the Mombasa Road route through Tassia and Embakasi East, they were transferred to an Embassava minibus at the Airgate Mall, though they had paid their fare for the full journey. No explanation was given for that and Lawrence hopes to hear from the management soon. His contact is


KIMANI MARUGE ROAD? The call to name a road in Eldoret Town after Kimani Maruge, the man who earned fame for going to school at 84, makes plenty of sense to literacy activist Timothy Kamau. David Chegerichman's proposal could not have come at a better time, he adds, as the world celebrated the International Literacy Day on Saturday. “Whether that gets a nod from the Uasin Gishu County chiefs or not, I propose that the musician composes a song in his praise. How about erecting a statue or starting a Maruge Literacy Award!” His contact is


RITUAL LITTERERS: On August 29, on Magadi Road, while heading to Ongata Rongai, Lucia Waithira reports, the driver of a car, KBW 8... just drove on as his passengers threw litter through the windows. They left a trail all the way from Petrocity to Bangladesh, hurling pieces of paper and bottles — “and they had quite a load of trash”. She just wondered whether they were in a “marking territory” ritual. Can such litterers be made to do community service as penance? wonders Lucia, whose contact is
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