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Saturday September 15 2018

BRIBES: On the introduction of instant fines for traffic offenders, Mwangi wa Njeri begs to differ with Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, whom he faults for allegedly failing to address what drives minor offenders. Says he: “They should never be held in custody in the first place. The penalties are in themselves strong inducement for informal negotiations by the roadside.” He cites the instant Sh10,000 fine for driving at 70kph where the limit is 50kph. “Allowing the police to act as judge and receive money will increase and not decrease opportunities to offer or solicit bribes.” His contact is [email protected]


NO TOILETS: ABC Place at Westlands, Nairobi, Thomas Yebei notes, is a great shopping and office location. However, he adds, the downside of “this beautiful and convenient place is lack of public toilets. “Patrons who need to answer the call of nature are forced to request restaurants to let them use their washrooms. It’s really inconveniencing and illogical that such a big place frequented by hundreds of people daily lacks such a basic facility.” He wants to know who licensed it to operate without such an amenity. His contact is [email protected]om


NEW POLICE UNIFORMS: After seeing the new police uniforms being modelled during the launch in Nairobi, Ruth Gituma says she is more than convinced that whoever chose the "new-look" attire has no sense of taste. The Inspector’s that is to be phased out, she adds, has always made the officers look smart. “Why change into what looks like some cheap watchman uniform, surely?” A hopeful Ruth still believes that it’s not too late to decide to retain her favourite uniform. “I just can't imagine how they will look when they fade.” Her contact [email protected].


RESPECT FRANCO: Congolese rhumba music fan Njoroge Kibe, writing from Loitokitok on the Kenya-Tanzania border, says he is thankful to Benjamin Kibias for denouncing the derogatory reference to “Luambo” in a condom advert. Reiterating the call for a total ban and a withdrawal of the advert, Njoroge insists that it denigrates the legacy of the legendary Franco (Luambo Luanzo Makiadi), who made great music in Lingala. Franco, he adds, must continue to be respected even in death for his immense contribution to Congolese and African music in three decades from the mid-1950s. His contact [email protected]

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