THE CUTTING EDGE - OCTOBER 12, 2018 - Daily Nation


Friday October 12 2018

BORING MOI DAY: Though he enjoyed celebrating the reinstated Moi Day public holiday on October 10, Dave Tumbula says it was one of his most boring ever for the lack of any official events. “Though there were some unforgivable excesses by officials during the long reign some now derisively refer to as the ‘Nyayo Error’, he did some good things also.” For David, the most outstanding feats of former President Daniel arap Moi, who ruled the country for 24 years, was the expansion of university education, including building Moi University from scratch.


FRUGAL MELANIA: The recent tour of Africa, Kenya included, by US First Lady Melania Trump meant to promote education and health services was spot on, remarks Misheck Wambui. But what fascinated Misheck, besides her colourful sartorial taste, was that she arrived without a bloated entourage, a sharp contrast to African leaders who, when on a foreign trip, tug along a crowd of busybodies at taxpayers’ expense. “How I wish that our leaders, too, could shun the obscene public display of extravagance!” he exhorts. His contact is [email protected]


INVESTIGATIONS: The high-profile murder cases involving Migori Governor Okoth Obado, TV anchor Jacque Maribe and her lover Joseph Irungu, Prof Sam Chege notes, “have shown that Kenya has some of the best detectives in the world”. But the don has a word of caution for journalists: “They need to be careful not to undermine the investigations through their stories. I was alarmed to read that detectives are now heading to Mombasa hoping to recover certain items. What would prevent a suspect from discarding or destroying those items now that they know the cops are on the way?’’ His contact is [email protected]


MURDERS MOST FOUL: Horrific, barbaric and gruesome is how Alnashir Walji sums up the recent spate of killings of women in bizarre incidents, leaving chilling trails of blood. However, he is pleased that the detectives have meticulously pursued, arrested and hauled the suspects to court to face the full wrath of the law. Citing the biblical commandment “Thou shall not kill”, Alnashir fully empathises with the bereaved families now seeking redress as he joins his fellow Kenyans in condemning the brutal killings while the law takes its course. His contact is [email protected]

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