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Thursday December 6 2018

WORKING HOURS: As Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his team retreat from the matatus ban from the city centre and go back to the drawing board, there has been an avalanche of suggestions on how to clear the traffic mess. Joseph Kamau Mburu proposes, as others have, to stagger the reporting hours; civil servants, for instance, 11am-11pm. “One does not need a PhD in transport management or millions of shillings to make this happen. Are we waiting for Rwanda to do this and copy them, as we did with the plastic bag ban?” His contact is [email protected]


LIGHT RAIL: A light rail system is the cure for Nairobi’s traffic mess, says prolific contributor Ken Butiko. But he’s unhappy about the many unfulfilled promises to fix the city transport and other problems. “Just before the 2017 elections, there were media reports indicating that the government had received Sh1 billion from Hungary to build a light rail system in Nairobi. What became of this plan? Today, no major city in the world relies on commuter bus transportation alone. The bus service complements light commuter trains.” His contact is [email protected]


BLACKOUT: Two months ago, Absalom Owayo says, there was hardly space for electricity transformers at Kenya Power’s Homa Bay branch. But today, a faulty transformer in Magare Village, he moans, can reportedly not be replaced because there are none in store. As a result, small businesses such as barber shops that solely rely on electricity could be crippled and domestic consumers are inconvenienced. “At this rate, the earliest all the households will be connected is August 2022.” His account number is 3709222 and his contact [email protected]


ROAD SAFETY: The time has come to sensitise passengers in public service vehicles that they have a vital role to play in enhancing their own safety, says Mwangi Karuga. The most effective way to do so, Mwangi is convinced, is to get them to always speak up whenever PSV drivers blatantly flout traffic rules and regulations. “While having to travel contributes to the occurrence of road crashes, it’s the silence of passengers, mostly in fear of retribution from matatu crews, that must be overcome to make our roads safer.” His contact is [email protected]

Have a proactive day, won’t you!