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Friday December 7 2018

PRESIDENT'S COUNTRY? The only grouse Njonjo Kihuria has with the presidential system of government, he says, is that he sometimes feels as if the whole country belongs to the President. A case in point, he adds, is the bad Gitaru-Ndenderu road in Kikuyu. “It has so many huge potholes that a ride that should take 10 minutes takes almost one hour. Then the President comes for a short time to attend a recovering alcoholics’ graduation somewhere along the route and all the potholes are covered overnight the day before!” His contact is [email protected]

INDIGNITY: Nairobians deserve to be treated with some dignity when directives are being implemented, says Jackson Njathi. On Monday morning as the ban on matatus from the city centre was being enforced, he reports, many passengers were dropped off in far-flung places away from the CBD. “Many people who have vehicles sometimes board matatus to save on fuel and parking costs. Some suffered the indignity of having to wade through muck. There are no decent pavements for those electing to walk. Good planning is of the essence.” His contact is [email protected]

DELAYED SERVICE: Not long ago, there was plenty of talk about service charters for utility companies on consumers’ problems or connections. Writing on behalf of Boniface Mwaniki, Morris Mutugi says the Thika branch of Kenya Power has given the man a raw deal despite him having met his side of the bargain. In March last year — yes, it has taken that long — Boniface applied for power connection to his house, paying the Sh15,000 fee. To date, he remains literally in the dark. The reference is No. Y28932017030039 and he can be reached through [email protected]
CAR PRIVACY: What university don X.N. Iraki says he has never understood is why police often “force themselves into our cars or matatus and demand we chauffeur them to police stations, ostensibly because we have committed an offence”. He adds: “It is not only embarrassing but a violation of our rights and dignity. Our cars are nowadays our houses, where we ‘live’ with our family members and friends. If policemen do not get into our houses or offices at will, why our cars?” His contact is [email protected]

Have a respectful day, won’t you!