THE CUTTING EDGE - DECEMBER 10, 2018 - Daily Nation


Monday December 10 2018

GRAFT CANCER: Corruption is “a cancer that is eating away the future of our children and scaring away jobs and investments”, remarks Chris Kiriba, urging Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji not to relent in his pursuit of suspects. “Go Haji go! You are lucky because the majority hoi polloi of this great country, whose greatness is being eaten away by the corrupt and the greedy, are with you.” Chris warns that many roadblocks will be placed in the DPP’s way, but he should not be distracted from his “noble call of duty”. His contact is [email protected]
‘BLUE' SEASON: University don X.N. Iraki’s verdict is that “Nairobi successfully hosted” the recent blue economy conference. “My takeaway is that the blue economy is a low-hanging fruit with all our lakes, rivers and the Indian Ocean.” But he had noted in the past year an upsurge in the number of men in blue suits. “Was it a preparation for the blue economy or a coincidence? Since men are often violent, could blue mean they are making peace with themselves and others? I’m also thinking of awarding myself a blue suit for Christmas...” His contact is [email protected]
RESTLANDS': Nairobi is not home to only workaholics, remarks Alnashir Walji. “An uneasy calm prevails on a ‘typical’ day as work takes priority, but this does not mean there is no time for recreation and leisure. Billboards adorn Westlands, as do cafes and other eateries, and malls ideal for impulsive shopping provide an outlet for pent-up energy.” Casinos and spas, he adds, have given the densely populated sprawling suburb a glitter just like Bangkok, Paris or Monaco “where peddlers can be seen ‘displaying’ their ‘wares’”. His contact is [email protected]
THIEVING YOUTH: Justifying his appointment of 91-year-old former Vice-President Moody Awori to the board of a sports and youth fund amid fierce criticism, President Uhuru Kenyatta lamented the widespread theft of public funds by the younger people in charge, notes Abraham Njuguna, who, too, is worried about the country’s future. “If, according to President Kenyatta, most of the young officials are thieves, then all the future leaders will most likely be thieves and country might then be known as the Kleptocratic Republic of Kenya.” His contact is [email protected]

Have an accountable day, won’t you!