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Friday January 4 2019

NEGLECTED ROAD: John Wanjohi appreciates the repairs of roads in residential areas of Nairobi. However, he wonders why while some that are less than half a kilometre away from residential estates are fixed, the badly dilapidated Murichu Road, less than 400 metres off the Bomas of Kenya, has been ignored. “A part of it was repaired two years ago and the rest left in a horrible state. It has potholes and trenches that pose a grave risk to motorists and pedestrians at night. Can this road be gravelled, if not tarmacked?” His contact is [email protected]
MATATU INVASION: The emergence of a bus terminus bang in Nakuru Town’s central business district is the bad news businesses have started the brand new year with, moans Dr K. Karania. Big buses have been parking right in front of the doctor’s clinic on Mburu Gichua Road, near Stagematt Supermarket, hampering access to this vital facility and others. This, she adds, is hardly what would be expected from a town aspiring for city status. The county government should “wake up and solve these problems before that time comes”. Her contact is [email protected]
HAJI'S WOES: As the fight against corruption is stepped up, with the arrests of suspects, including some prominent fellows, Mohamed Warsama says, he has been disappointed to hear Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji criticising judges’ decisions in favour of the accused in the preliminary stages of the cases. “The DPP should stop crying foul whenever judges rule against him. The judges are independent even from the Chief Justice. Does the DPP expect the CJ to influence the judges to rule in his favour?” His contact is [email protected]
ROWDY LAWYERS: A big threat to the fight against corruption is the tendency by some lawyers to troop to courts whenever one of them is charged, says Joseph Kamau Mburu. “It’s worrying to see a bunch of lawyers coming out to defend one of their own implicated in corruption instead of letting justice take its course.” He is also disappointed to hear the criticism of the arrest of suspects on Fridays. Seeing nothing wrong with that, he however says it should apply to every suspect and not just the crème de la crème in society. His contact is [email protected]

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