Thursday January 10 2019

DARK FORCES: Ruth Gituma has been seriously reflecting on the unfolding political events, with the leaders already in election campaign gear. Says she: “I’m now convinced, more than at any other time, that there could be forces that always pull the strings when it comes to determining the presidency of this country.” The 2022 succession talk, she adds, “is very similar to the Change the Constitution move”, when some politicians tried to block then Vice-President Daniel arap Moi from succeeding First President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Her contact is [email protected]
INSULTS: Kenyan presidents, Tom Mwiraria notes, “have never been known for rousing, poetic speeches that can be studied in an institution of higher learning and carve some enduring space in the National Archives”. The leaders, he claims, have always resorted to public insults with choice epithets such as ‘funda’, ‘bure kabisa’, ‘mavi ya kuku’ and, lately, ‘washenzi’, which he finds quite pedestrian. “You can tell the quality of governance, the citizenry and direction the country is taking by the quality of speech their leader makes.” His contact is [email protected]
GAMBLING: The betting craze, which has taken the country by storm, Paul Maina warns, is the new deadly drug many Kenyans are getting addicted to as they dream about making easy money and end up losing even the little that they had. In the towns and the rural areas, the betting mania has sucked in many people, young and old. “It’s only through hard work that one can make a fortune”, he says. “If we are not careful, we’ll have an epidemic like that of the alcohol abuse in central Kenya. No one has ever become rich by embracing luck.” His contact is [email protected]
SCHOOL ADMISSIONS: The idea of 100 percent transition from primary to secondary school “is both laudable and deplorable”, remarks a disturbed Kamichore Mutindira. “Before the Ministry of Education officials pat themselves on the back, they need to take stock of the following: Some schools have more students than their bed, dormitory and dining capacities. Staff of all cadres will be overstretched, negating the intended efficiency and quality. Most laughable is the digital admission of students to a school for the opposite gender and the ministry insisting that they report.”

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