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Friday January 11 2019

ELECTION MODE: Being locked in the campaign mode just a year after the acrimonious 2017 General Election, with politicians agitating for a referendum on the Constitution as others engage in the 2022 presidential succession talk, is not healthy for the country, warns Julius Karegi. Leaders should focus on infrastructure development and provision of health services, security and education while reflecting on the repayment of the huge debts. “Our leadership is only keen on political gains instead of citizens’ welfare,” he laments. His contact is [email protected]
BAD POLITICS: A foreigner visiting Kenya for the first time would think that elections are around the corner, says Chris Kiriba, as the country is engulfed in the “high-octane politics of slander, name-calling and hatred peddling by some leaders”. He’s urging Kenyans to “reject politics that targets individuals because of their race or ethnic background in a smear campaign”, and politicians to borrow nuggets of wisdom from British wartime leader Winston Churchill, who said: “In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics many times.” His contact is [email protected]
HOSTILE HAWKERS: One who has always empathised with hawkers for struggling against heavy odds to fend for their families, Adamu Babu says he has realised that the portrayal is just a part of a more complex story. “It’s not just about people driven into the streets by the rising cost of living and lack of jobs. I have recently witnessed multiple cases of aggressive behaviour by hawkers against innocent pedestrians, hurling unprintable insults or even lashing out in outright physical assault.” He now agrees that they be ejected. His contact is [email protected]
CONGRATULATIONS: “I feel as if I have known him all along, thanks to his great use of flowing and enchanting words to convey his messages in his column,” says Charles Wakaba Kamanga of the new NMG Editorial Director Mutuma Mathiu, “this great journalist who is in the league of wordsmiths such as Lucy Oriang, Charles Onyango-Obbo, Kitsepile Nyathi, Jaindi Kisero (though most of the times I have no clue whatever he’s talking about), Macharia Gaitho and Philip Ochieng, to name but a few. I would encourage him to continue writing; he has good following out here.”

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