THE CUTTING EDGE: February 11, 2019 - Daily Nation


Sunday February 10 2019

POSTERS OF SHAME: The criticism of the mounting of the pictures of the Cabinet secretaries and governors on billboards on Mombasa Road, Nairobi, seems to have inspired whoever is behind the project, whose intention has not been explained, to do much more, with the inclusion of senators’ photos. Quite upset about the apparent waste of public resources near the Nyayo National Stadium roundabout is Dr Taji Shivachi, who could not resist throwing some questions. He poses: “Why would anyone spend public funds on such posters? What is the point of the ads? What is their value? Shouldn’t their work speak for them? This is a shameless and blatant misuse of public funds, and somebody should be in jail for this.” His contact is [email protected].


LIVING OFF THE DEAD: For the 8.3 million tourists, who visited Egypt in 2017, some of their biggest attractions were the pyramids, tombs, mummies and other ancient artefacts, notes university don X.N. Iraki. He adds: “Making money out of tombs or graveyards is a mark of genius. Why can’t we do the same with Lang’ata Cemetery, Nairobi, and the several Commonwealth War Memorials and other cemeteries? We just need to create interesting stories around them, just like the Egyptians. What’s wrong with the living making money from the dead? Don’t we spend so much during funerals?” His contact is [email protected].


POLICED TRAFFIC JAM: Trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles impounded by police in Thika Town over the flouting of traffic regulations, George Mburu says, have become a nuisance as they are parked on the busy Kenyatta Avenue, just outside the police station because there is not enough space in the compound. “This causes seemingly endless traffic snarl-ups and minor accidents, especially on weekdays. Why does the National Transport and Safety Authority allow this? Can’t they get some alternative parking for these vehicles?” His contact is [email protected]


PLEA FOR BYPASS: Every time he drives to his rural home in western Kenya, Samuel Owiti laments, he and many other motorists get pretty frustrated on approaching the congested the Nakuru Railway Station bridge section along the Nairobi highway before entering the little Rift Valley town. He would like to know from the authorities when they plan to build a bypass at this spot, so that the people who have no business in Nakuru Town can avoid this busy section. Samuel hopes this will be done before next December because travellers waste too much time and fuel in this section. It is long overdue, he adds. His contact is [email protected].


ANSWERED PRAYER: Following his recent complaint about the appalling condition of some two key roads in the Westlands suburb of Nairobi, Dr Tony Walia is elated that there has been some quick positive response from the city county roads authorities. One of the roads, the dilapidated Mathenge Drive, which has been neglected for more than three years, has finally been fixed. “Thanks to you, Watchman, the road was repaired last week. This is to just say thank you very much for getting things done through your column.” His contact is [email protected].


LOST AND FOUND: Though, as Mwangi Wanjohi acknowledges, this is not a ‘lost and found’ column, his is a public-spirited action that should be cherished by all. And, for that reason, we have granted his request. While going about his business on Loita Street in Nairobi’s city centre, Mwangi came across a cheque belonging to Jane Wokabi that he suspected she must have inadvertently dropped. He, therefore, hopes that Jane will get in touch with him so that they can agree on how or where he can give it back to her. All she needs to do is drop him a line through [email protected].

Have a selfless day, won’t you!