THE CUTTING EDGE - MARCH 23, 2019 - Daily Nation


Saturday March 23 2019

LOOMING DISASTER: As famine ravages the country’s northwestern region, Sheila Waruhiu is instead worrying about the impending rains that are bound to cause even more suffering. Sheila is upset about the lack of preparedness to confront the looming disaster. “Our drains in the towns are completely blocked, refuse is everywhere on our streets, and when the rain comes we will begin to complain about flooded roads, dirt and diseases. “I am sure if we asked why not much is being done about this the Environment ministry will point to lack of funds. So, why not have days where we all can go and clean up our streets?” Her contact [email protected]


POLICE REFORMS: Critics of Joseph Boinnet, who recently ended his tenure as inspector-general of police, are wrong, says Ken Butiko, convinced that the man has not been given adequate recognition for his contribution. Says he: “By any standards, retired IG Boinnet did a sterling job, considering that he took over a rotten, demotivated and uncoordinated entity some years ago. Today, some major strides have been made in improving the welfare of the police, their equipment and administration. The next IG should take the National Police Service to the next level. It will take some time but it is achievable.” His contact is [email protected]


BIG SHAME: Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok and other leaders in the county should immediately suspend everything else and rally together to find ways to rescue their people from starvation and imminent death, urges Samuel Karimi. For having failed to avert the disaster, Samuel adds, the governor and the entire leadership in the county should be ashamed of themselves. One way to go about it, he proposes, is to have the county suspend all its development and other programmes and focus entirely on mobilising resources and collecting enough food for the starving people. “Who will they lord over in years to come if they cannot save their lives?” he asks. His contact [email protected]


GENDER: A new phenomenon that is worrying Redemptah Owendi has something she passionately describes as the “plight of the boy child”. With the focus on improving the lot of girls, the unintended consequence has been to force the boys into stagnation. It is a pity, she adds, that the push for gender equality has been deemed as promoting girls’ rights at the expense of the boys. “The male figure has always been taken to be a fighter, with most communities coercing macho capabilities out of the boys from a tender age. ‘Weak boys' would be frequently ridiculed and worse, publicly flogged. The general underperformance by boys has raised eyebrows.” Her contact [email protected]