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Friday April 19 2019

CAREERS: Sheer ignorance and lack of career guidance are to blame for some useful courses in the public universities not getting enough applicants, says Chris Kiriba, adding: "They include the bachelor's degree in aquatic resources conservation and development, at a time when the government is advocating a blue economy, the bachelor's degree in technology in mechanical ventilation and air conditioning, when global warming has become a reality." The bachelor's degree in theology, he adds, comes in handy, considering the increasing senseless murders and moral decay among youth. "Career information departments should be strengthened," Chris pleads. His contact is chriskiriba14


CORRUPT POLICE: The several sickening tales of traffic police in Kabete, Kiambu County, extorting bribes, especially from matatu drivers, are not fiction but the reality, says Githuku Mwangi. Using official police vehicles, he reports, the officers move here and there on the Wangige-Gitaru, King'eero-Lower Kabete and Wangige-Mwimuto-New Kitsuru roads and adjacent areas demanding bribes. “Those who have complained to Watchman are not fiction writers; they are telling the truth. If the top police officers decide to monitor these wayward officers, they will seize them like itono, as we say in Gikuyu. Itono is plural for gitono, which is a giant grasshopper with spikes on its legs." His contact is [email protected]


ROGUE OFFICERS: Can the bosses ensure that traffic police officers wear their number tags while on duty, urges Anita Chou Anson. This, she is convinced, is the best way to curb corruption and abuse of office by rogue policemen and women. On April 17, at 10am on Riverside Drive, near Prime Bank, in the Kileleshwa area of Nairobi, she adds, she witnessed a traffic policeman flagging down motorists and demanding bribes, threatening to have them locked up on trumped-up charges. He only let them go after they coughed up the money. Tracking down and punishing this rogue officer would serve as a deterrent to his partners in this racket. Her contact is [email protected]


HUDUMA NAMBA: The biggest undoing for the crucial Huduma Namba registration is that unlike the recruitment of voters by the IEBC, it has not been adequately promoted and popularised, says Boniface Mutua. “During the 2017 IEBC voter registration, there was a lot of publicity in the mass media for the people to know where to register and the procedure, with the promotional messages being repeated so many times that the children could sing.” Besides the Huduma launch by the President, he adds, there was so little publicity that some people do not know where to register. His contact is [email protected]


WASTAGE: The just-ended National Legislative Summit in Kisumu will achieve nothing as it is just another avenue for wasting taxpayers' money, says David Motari. “Top on the agenda was the county legislators demanding car grants and mortgages when a majority of Kenyans are languishing in poverty as the prices of major commodities skyrocket.” The leaders, he adds, continue to pursue their own comfort, ignoring the people they are expected to serve. “What Kenyans need is the delivery of services and not endless summits that yield little or nothing apart from recreation for a few elites.” His contact is [email protected]


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